Data Nerd.
Design Geek.
Product Fanatic.

Experience Strategist
Over a decade of leading teams and shipping products with a user-first approach.
Designer at Heart
Design with a capital “D” - the problem solving kind of design. Pushes pixels, too!
Driven by Data
Scientist by training favoring evidence over opinion. Asks a lot of questions.
C. Todd Lombardo

What They Said

"He gathered team members from every department and facilitated three hour-long meetings to identify gaps and action items within our customer journey. Being able to create a map and associated small action items that roll up to impact our company OKR's is truly a clear example of his impact."

— Former colleague

"C Todd's approach to communication often takes the form of questions. Instead of providing gut reactions, he regularly responds to a question with another question. Through his facilitation of questions, he often uncovers information that is extremely difficult to apprehend otherwise."

— Co-worker

"What an amazing coach C Todd is. He helps coach meetings so they are impactful and empowers others on the team to do the same. This has led to a level of autonomy in product and engineering that we so desperately needed and we were struggling with before C Todd joined the team."

— Direct report

Teams I've Helped

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